CNN.  Fox News.  MSN.  You name it.  It’s all the same news, but it sometimes becomes unrecognizable because of the “spin” that is put on it.  Each news agency has its own agenda and wants to put out their own brand of ideology.  I have to wonder what happened to just reporting the news.  I doubt that one could find a news channel that reports a completely unbiased version of the news unless MAYBE it’s BBC or NHK.  Everybody has an idea of what is “right” and wants to make sure that everyone else follows along for their own good.  Religion is no different.

It is apparent to me that the words just tend to get in the way.  We are often saying the same thing and genuinely have others’ best interests at heart, but end up with disagreements because of how we say what we believe.  For example, each of us believes in the gospel of Jesus Christ and believes that Jesus is the key to our salvation.  However, we state our beliefs in different ways and can end up thinking that we are saying completely opposite things when the words are just getting in the way.  Let us not only be cognizant of how we say things, but let us also be intentional about looking for the actual meaning of what others say without letting the words become a stumbling block.