Healing.  Curing.  They are one in the same, right?  I’m not so sure that they are.  In the gospels we see numerous accounts of Jesus healing those whom he encounters, but are they really cured?  Some may say that, if healing and curing are not the same, then it takes away some of the power and miraculous nature of what Jesus did, but I tend to see it the opposite.  There are many times when people have an ailment, an affliction, something physical or emotional that burdens them that cannot be cured.  I take heart in knowing that, even if there is no cure per se, that we can still be healed from the effects that our burdens have on us.  On this note, we will have a healing and anointing service this Sunday at Tri-C.  If you have a burden that is weighing you down in some way, come and find healing and experience freedom once again.