Staff and Officers


Brandyn Simmons

If you are looking for Rev. Brandyn Simmons, you may find him playing his bass with friends, at the gym, playing football with his sons, sipping a craft brew while discussing theology, or reading a book in his recliner.  Places you will NOT likely find him are swimming pools or on skis! His passions are music of any kind (especially blues), mountain hiking, writing, and preaching.  He has a particular interest in learning and teaching about how the church can be relevant in a post-Christian culture as well as progressive theologies.  Brandyn and his wife Keiko have three energetic children.

Moderator – Elaine Kaneshiro

Council Clerk – Lois Shikami

Treasurer – Kenny Nitahara

Administrative Assistant – Erin Payton

Choir Director – Chelsea Dolinar-Hikawa

Organist – Fran Walker